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Hale Dwoskin

Hale Dwoskin

First time in the Netherlands !

HALE DWOSKIN is the author of the New York Times Best Seller, The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being. Hale is one of the 24 Teachers from the movie The Secret and a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council. He is the CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates, an organization headquartered in Sedona, Arizona. He co-founded the company in 1996 to teach courses based on the emotional releasing techniques originated by his mentor, Lester Levenson. Hale Dwoskin is an international speaker and featured faculty member at Esalen and the Omega Institute. For over a quarter century, he has regularly been teaching The Sedona Method to individuals and corporations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, and leading facilitator trainings and advanced retreats since the early 1990s. He is also the co-author with Lester Levenson of Happiness Is Free: And Its Easier than You Think (a five-book series).
For more info about Hale Dwoskin see: http://www.sedona.com/html/hales-bio.aspx

Karyn Kaplecki

About Karyn Klapecki:
Karyn Klapecki became a medical doctor in 1977 and worked at universities and privately in the fields of family medicine and geriatrics. She also trained as a medical psychotherapist and became aware of the importance of the mind-body link. A series of breakthroughs occurred when she integrated the Sedona Method in her personal and work-life. Working with the Sedona Method generated many new insights, for herself and her clients, about recognising their own true nature. She developed a refined ability to coach people in creating a deep sense of peace and well being.
Karyn leads seminars and gives lectures on the Sedona Method, she coaches groups and one to one in her medical practice and she also facilitates in corporate environments. For more information on doctor Klapecki's work, look at: www.inspiredpathways.com

Coach Level One Training

Feb 5-7 in 2010

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for your interest in the Coach Level One Training in Geneva Switzerland Feb 5-7th!
I look forward to seeing each of you there and I know you will really enjoy this training! Because time is short, I am sending you information now, so that you can prepare as soon as possible for this occasion.
This course is a requirement for furthering your training and it follows your attendance at a 7 Day Retreat in Sedona, which is a requirement for taking this training. It prepares you for the 9-day retreat in Sedona, as well as for attendance at Coach level Two training, and it is a wonderful experience that I am sure you will enjoy. You can also benefit if you do not want to continue towards certification in coaching and will deepen your releasing abilities. I recently was able to teach a group in Montreal Canada, and we were able to release so many deeper issues that most left feeling much abundance, acceptance and peace! The joy and laughter we shared was so inspiring! You will meet many of these graduates in March in Sedona, if you attend. Here is what one graduate from Montreal had to say:

“This training has been very valuable both in my path to being a coach and my own personal development. Karyn’s knowledge of the Sedona Method and how to apply it in working with others is top notch. She is a great teacher, very genuine and open. The steps I took in releasing my own limiting beliefs and needs was a tremendous by-product. Karyn passed onto us Lester’s words that “we are only as good in facilitating others as we ourselves are released.” I can see how true that is. Releasing my need to “figure things out” will be an incredible benefit to anyone I work with. I highly recommend this course to anyone. “
Shawn Venne, Vancouver, BC

Please feel free to pass on the email to anyone you know who might want to partake and who has already been to the Sedona Retreat.
The cost is $593.00 USD and is set by Hale in Sedona. I am asking participants to contribute an additional $100.00 USD to help cover my expenses for the travel.
The location will be the medical office of Dr. Harald Zotter : 57, rue des Lattes, 1217 Meyrin. See here the Map

A recommendation for lodging is: The NH Geneva airport, Avenue de Mategnin 21, 1217 Meyrin, 022 989 90 00‎. If you order directly through the hotel website (nh-hotels.com), the price is over 150$. On www.priceline.com it is around 115 $ a night. There is a shuttle to the airport which is very close. By foot, it will probably take 5-10 minutes to walk from the hotel to the office location.

The office is very close to France and the Hotel Novotel Genève Aéroport France, Route de Meyrin, 01210 Ferney-Voltaire is also recommended. The price is about 85 EUR. Dr. Zotter has offered to transport up to 5 people from France to the office, although the walking time is quite short. There is another volunteer who will assist with transportation as well.
I hope this information is helpful! I would love to work with you in the wonderful city of Geneva! We will have a great time releasing there!! Please let me know if you would like to come by confirming with the registration form that I am attaching.

I believe this will be an outstanding opportunity for all of you to take this powerful training near your homes in Europe, rather than having to travel to the United States. The releasing community is growing fast in Scandinavia and Europe, I am so happy to report! I hope that this will save each of you from the cost of an overseas flight, lodging, meals, on top of the fee for the training. Hopefully it will be much more affordable and convenient!

This will be a full 3 day course, from 9:30am until 5:30pm each of the days, Friday to Sunday. By the way, those who may have taken this course before, are most welcomed to attend again and enjoy a full 3 day releasing experience! I am looking forward to getting to know each of you much better!

I wish you all a joyous, loving and peaceful holiday season!!
Much love to all!
Karyn c.v. Klapecki
m.d. f.c.f.p. c.g.p.p.
Sedona method instructor

Inspired Pathways
405-517 Wellington St. West
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1G1

Click here for the registration form [115 KB]

David Ellzey

David Ellzey visit the Netherlands two times. For more info about David see his website or the movie below: http://www.davidellzey.com/

May 1-3, 2009
The Hague, Netherlands

Coach Level One Training

Learn the power of the foundational techniques of releasing and discover the great reward of facilitating others to uncover their freedom from suffering. As a health care practicioner or friend, help family members, and clients break through inner obstacles like never before.
MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW. Registration details coming soon. 7-days retreat experience is required.

Dutch coaches:

Maarten Klatte

Maarten Klatte is arts en heeft een jarenlange ervaring in werken met ontspanningstechnieken en meditatie. Hij werkte mee aan het onderzoek van Marco de Vries van het Helen Dowling instituut, verdiepte zich in diverse loslaattechnieken maar is sinds een jaar of vier compleet onder de indruk van de werkzaamheid van de Sedona methode en volgde bijna alle opleidingen in Sedona zelf. Hij heeft een eigen kliniek voor preventieve geneeskunde en natuurgeneeskunde in Den Haag (www.pvbg.nl).

Hij wordt in zijn werk gesteund door zijn vrouw Maggy en samen zijn ze de stille krachten achter inmiddels alweer 3 internationale seminars in Nederland en organiseert Maarten bijna maandelijks kleine workshops ter introductie van de Sedona methode.

Zie hier voor een verslag van een lezing van Maarten Klatte aan de Moermanvereniging. [153 KB]

Toine Revier

Toine geeft workshops op het gebied van persoonlijke ontwikkeling, zie ook www.spirit-coaching.nl.
Daarnaast is ze auteur van het boek ‘Op Weg naar Verbinding’.
Het is Toine haar passie om mensen in hun kracht te zetten, opdat ze hun ware potentie kunnen leven.
Ze brengt mensen in contact met hun Ware Zelf, voorbij het denken en de beperkende overtuigingen.
Daarvoor gebruikt ze onder andere de Sedona Methode waarvoor ze sinds 4 jaar regelmatig voor trainingen naar Sedona reist.

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