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The Sedona Method


Welcome to the website www.laatlos.nl about the Sedona Method
(Laat los is Dutch and means Let go)

What is the Sedona Method?

The art of releasing
The Sedona Method is an easy to learn method which teaches:Letting go of fear, worries, anger, pain, sadness and other negative peelings in a loving and kind way.Releasing of limiting touchesDiscovering underlying needs and releasing those as well.Releasing tension and reducing stress.Living in the here and now, experiencing what really matters.Experiencing your true power and inner peace.Experiencing joy, fun, lightness of being and freedom
Releasing limiting thoughts and feelings is a decision we can take every moment. This results in feeling immediately lighter and happier.

Who can do it?

EVERYBODY. As a child we all released naturally.
As an adult we have to learn it again.

Who can teach this method?

Look for trainers under the heading “ International trainers and coaches”

Opinion of an expert.

Jack Canfield is an expert in the field of personal growth. He is the author of “ Chicken soup for the Soul”, of which more than 100 milion copies were sold. In the Netherlands he is more known since the film “ the secret “ became popular. His opinion about the Sedona Method :
This method stands HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE THE REST, for the ease of its use, its profound impact, and the speed with which it produces results"

What experts say

“ I have got to know a lot of techniques and processes for personal development.
The Sedona method sticks out head and shoulders above all of them, because of the effortless practice, profound effect and speedy results”.

Jack Canfield
Author of bestseller “ Chickensoup for the Soul “

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How to go about it?

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The International Sedona Method Event with Hale Dwoskin in May 2009 is a project organized by:

Maarten Klatte, M.D.
Maggy Klatte
Michel Mulder, M.D.
Babs Stulemeijer
Alexandra Alons, M.D.
Johan Bolhuis, M.D.
Ingrid Boer
Toine Revier, trainer / coach

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