How to go about it?

How to go about it?

The Sedona Method has several ways to release and as such releases stress. The most basic one is to ask yourself a series of questions in order to see if you are able to let go.
Here is an example:

Say you are feeling very tired. Mostly we want that to be different, most likely we want to have more energy. There is resistance to the unpleasant feeling. The resistance is like trying to push a big beach bal, symbol for “ feeling very tired” under water!
However hard you push, the bal will come up and the result is probably more fatigue!!!
Some people say: ” I am tired”. The Sedona Method will help you to learn to become aware of the difference between, “ who you are” and “ what you feel”. You feel tired, but you are not your fatigue.
By making a subtle change in expressing yourself, by no longer saying I AM tired ( or sad, angry, afraid) but instead you say I FEEL tired (or sad, angry , anxious) you have created a little distance. When you have even a little distance it creates a possibility to look at it and ask yourself if you could no longer resist the fatigue (or other feelings) but to let the feeling be there.
May be even welcome the feeling and fully accept it instead of fighting it.

Once you are there you may ask yourself the following questions:

Could I let go of this tiredness? ( Yes/No )
Would I let go of the tiredness? ( Yes/No )
And if so when? ( Now or not yet )

Sometimes you may notice that letting go isn’t happening. In that case you might meet an underlying need that feeds your feeling.
This may be wanting control, wanting approval, wanting security, wanting oness or wanting separation.

Say you have a need for security, you really want to be sure that the tiredness isn’t caused by something serious and you want the security that it will pass. This “wanting “ security isn’t going to provide you with the security you are looking for. Once you are aware you might make a decision to stop wanting security and make a decision to trust security will arise in my life.
Sometimes this decision alone is enough to feel lighter or have more energy available.
However it is also possible that something else arises, fear for example.
What if I stop trying to want it to get better I will loose control.
You than start working on releasing “wanting control”.

Here are some examples

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