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Founder : Lester Levenson

Lester Levenson, a remarkable story about freedom and healing.

Lester Levenson, age 42, after his second massive heart attack, was told by his cardiologist that he couldn’t do anything for him. He was send home with the message he had probably 2 to 3 weeks to live.
In 1952, there were no by-pass operations possible. Lester accepted his approaching death. He went home, to his luxury apartment in Manhattan New York, overlooking central park, he wondered what he would do in these final two weeks.
He decided to ask him self two questions:
Who am I? And What is happiness?
By profession Lester Levenson was engineer and scientist, with the matching discipline he started working on these two questions.
This process of self inquiry lead him to shed layer after layer, letting go of all the thoughts and feelings he realised were NOT who he really is. Remarkable was that he soon started to feel much better and began heal physically too.
The remnants of his heart attacks disappeared. Besides that he suffered from diverticulitis, allergies, high blood pressure, migraines, perforated stomach ulcers and a severe depression all healed gradual but completely. After three months Lester was in a peaceful inner state and physically fit. He lived for another 42 years!!!
In the last 42 years of his life he shared his insight and experience with others. He left New York city and moved to Sedona a beautiful place in Arizona, USA. His process of “ letting go ”, through which he reached freedom, is what is now called
“ The Sedona Method ”.

Some quotes from Lester Levenson

Some quotes from Lester Levenson

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