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Wich language will be spoken at the 3-day seminar with Hale Dwoskin and will Dwoskin give the course?

The entire course will be in English, there is no translation into Dutch / German / Italian, etc.

Yes ! Hale Dwoskin will present the entire course.

What is the nearest Airport?

The easiest way is to travel by Airport Schiphol Amsterdam.
If you have trouble getting a plane ticket to Amsterdam then Dusseldorf (Germany) is also possible. From there you can take a train to Arnhem and than by another train go to station Driebergen-Zeist. See for travelinformation here.

Can I also book for a different, more luxurious hotel?

Yes, see for example: www.booking.com , click for the English site and choose city Doorn in the Netherlands

or follow this link:http://www.booking.com/searchresults.en.html?sid=cbb83e0abd1336648da004180c9a7027;checkin_monthday=14;checkin_year_month=2009-5;checkout_monthday=18;checkout_year_month=2009-5;class_interval=1;offset=0;si=ai%2Cco%2Cci%2Cre;ss_all=0;city=-2143593

If I stay in the Netherlands for a few more days, what is a nice place to go?

See for travel tips:




for famous paintings for example:


and if you like flowers:

Keukenhof (in Dutch: Kitchen garden), also known as the Garden of Europe is situated near Lisse, Netherlands, and is the world's largest flower garden. According to the official website for the Keukenhof Park, there are approximately 7,000,000 (seven million) flower bulbs planted annually at the park.



Utrecht city


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